Who we are

Deh+Teet= DEHATEET (Meaning beyond the body, i.e., people who rise above their body and deliver). Dehateet is an initiative to support and showcase the best of the talents among special artists from around the world. Dehateet provides a global platform to special artists who have conquered their physical disability and won the world by rising over their body with will and mind. Dehateet  endeavor’s giving a message to society that physical disability is just state of mind.
Dehateet aims to give a message to society that physical disability is just a state of mind and with a strong will and mindset a person can overcome and excel. Dehateet (Earlier known as Samarth) was organized by IPAF from  15th June 2017 to 19th June 2017 at Bharat Bhavan in collaboration with the Department of Culture (Govt. of M.P), Department of Social Justice and Disability welfare (Govt of MP) and Bharat Bhavan where about 50 artists 
participated from around the world.
Dehateet’s vision is to bridge this gap by promoting such artists and helping them to live with dignity and satisfaction.  Dehateet also plays instrumental role in cross country cultural exchange. 
International performing arts festival (IPAF) envisions bringing together artists performing traditional art forms of different nations, and provides them with platform to showcase different art forms.  IPAF also supports special artists and young/upcoming talents by providing them platform with the maestros. Artists get an opportunity to showcase their culture and traditional values to the world.
Our aim is to encourage art forms and holistic traditions through performing arts across societies. ‘Traditional Arts’ having long, deep and meaningful 
historical significance have not found proper appreciation among masses. Inspiring people through these rooted values by innovating and developing 
performing arts is our endeavor.  
We believe firmly that the future of traditional arts and promotion of such arts through dance forms could be very inviting and entertaining throughout the world.
IPAF has been organising festivals all over India to promote art & culture.  IPAF now presents a global festival Dehateet to support, connect and provide a platform to special artists around the world.