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About dehateet

Dehateet is an initiative to support and showcase the best of the talents among special artists from around the world. Dehateet provides a global platform to special artists who have conquered their physical disability and won the world by rising over their body with will and mind. Dehateet  endeavor’s giving a message to society that physical disability is just state of mind.
Dehateet aims to give a message to society that physical disability is just a state of mind and with a strong will and mindset a person can overcome and excel. 

Vayu Yoga

Dehateet aims to bring out a wide variety of air yoga forms around the world. Air yoga is a blend of embodiment, consciousness and creativity

Classical Dances

Dehateetvorganizes various dance performances to bring out rich cultures of India and other countries. The classical dance forms such as

Classical Dances

With a treasured variety of folk dances across India and other countries, Dehateet has come up with dance events to highlight the traditional dance

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